T1 Mombie

Annie and Sam are besties who happen to both have type 1 diabetic boys. This site is hopefully going to shine some light on the inner workings of a T1 Mombie.

Reunited and it feels so good!

Sam has a 7 year old son who was diagnosed at 19 months old. He did not remember life before diabetes came into it. What does this mean in Mombie terms? She never really got out of newborn sleep patterns… essentially what was a 2am feeding became a 2am blood sugar check. Her writings are that of a mom who has yet to get much decent sleep in far too long for any normal person to remain sane.

Annie has a 13 year old son who was diagnosed at just over 5 years old. He was just getting to really create memories before he was diagnosed, he remembers some life before diabetes swept in. What does this mean in Mombie terms? It means more resistance to the reality of being a diabadass. It means teenage hormones on top of the t1 rollercoaster. Her writings come from the perspective of a Mama Bear who has been fighting the diabetic lion for nearly 8 years.

Annie and Sam met through a local meet up for World Diabetes Day back in 2015 that Annie was hosting. That day something clicked and Sam knew she found someone special. They had more than just diabetics in common; they had daughters in the same class, similar interests, and were kindred spirits. Supporting each other through some of these turbulent times has meant the world to them. Sharing the amazing times has meant just as much. 5 years later they are in different states but still someone to lean on who truly gets it.